Yes! Quit Smoking Cigarettes in only 28 Days!



People find it pretty hard to believe that a smoker can remove cigarettes from their lives permanently without trying to stop smoking in only 28 days. But it's true. That's because they don't quit smoking, they Unlearn Smoking™. What does this mean? Read on!



Think Again:


I want to tell you something. People that smoke are very strong minded individuals. Yet, they don't realize it! If you have tried to stop smoking and failed, if you are putting off quitting smoking because you think it's too hard or will make you feel bad, you beat yourself up because you don't have the WILL POWER to stop smoking. However, that isn't it at all. What is happening is that your WILL POWER is being directed TO SMOKE. Since you can't direct your WILL POWER to two contradictory things, the strongest focus, smoking, is where it goes. Hence, you continue smoking.

Now that is some strong Mind Power at work!


Bonnie Ryan- Retired School Teacher and Now Non-Smoker

"I did not give up anything when I stopped smoking. I became clean and free! The program gave me the insights and structure I needed to accomplish my goal of finally being a non-smoker and a healthier person.... Now that I do not smoke anymore, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. I avoid it at every opportunity and I avoid people who smoke. Everything about smoking is offensive to me"

"Now, I am older than my mother was when she died of lung cancer but I am still living and enjoying my life because I took the necessary steps to stop smoking. I could not have done it alone but the program gave me the necessary information and help. It is a wonderful program!"


Bonnie Ryan, Retired School Teacher

The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ works when others don't!

YOU Have the POWER and My Program Puts YOU Back in Control!

The Unlearn Smoking Success System™
uses the incredible power of your mind to help you

Why can't you easily quit smoking? The problem is that you've consciously lost control of that power. At the thinking level, you know that removing cigarettes from your life is the best thing for you and your family. But you have a tug-of-war with yourself; the smoking portion of your mind versus the thinking part of your mind. You may be enthusiastic when you try to quit smoking and actually stop for a while but soon, you tire because the smoking portion of your mind keeps pulling on the rope. Before you know it, you are back to smoking again, if you were even able to stop in the first place.

Traditional smoking cessation programs realize this and tell their graduates, once a smoker, always a smoker. You simply become an ex-smoker with these programs. What does that mean? It means you can easily start smoking again. You are just a smoker who isn't smoking right now. You may chew gum, drink more coffee or even eat more when the smoking urge comes. You haven't really quit smoking, you've just substituted something else.

The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ is different from traditional programs in that it doesn't focus on stopping you from smoking.


A smoking cessation program that doesn't try to stop me from smoking?

Yes, that's correct!

You see, the real source of your ability to smoke cigarettes is your Mind Power. The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ teaches you to consciously take back control from the smoker portion of your mind!

In other words, in the tug-of-war match between the smoker and conscious, thinking self, the smoker portion of the mind is weakened and the conscious mind, YOU, become stronger and stronger!

When the smoker portion of the mind starts losing power, smoking less and less takes place automatically!

Ready to Take Back Conscious Control?

The Unlearn Smoking Success System


Smoking is HARD, Unlearning Smoking is Easy!

Let's take a stroll down memory lane to a memory that is so long ago, and so unpleasant, you have very, very little recall of it. That memory is of all the misery you went through to learn how to smoke cigarettes.

Yes, you had to LEARN to smoke. What does this mean? It means you had to use your WILL POWER, your MIND, to stop your body's normal defense responses to hot, polluted smoke entering your lungs. This takes an incredible amount of WILL POWER; it's hard to do! You had to put up with the burning eyes, the coughing, gagging, choking feeling over and over until you were able to suppress it with your WILL POWER!

If you're the typical smoker looking to quit, the time of your first cigarette has been over 20 years ago. You totally blocked those unpleasant memories of the pain and suffering you endured to learn to smoke. But those memories are still there; stored in your mind, still fresh as if they happened a minute ago. They are just repressed; pushed far back so the consciousness won't accidentally run into them.

What you don't realize is that you have to put out the same amount of intensive WILL POWER every time you smoke a cigarette! Otherwise, every cigarette would be like your first cigarette so many years ago! To smoke a cigarette, you are literally controlling your body with the POWER of your MIND! Never thought about that did you? Just how much mental effort it takes to smoke each and every cigarette!

What motivates you to perform this intensive MIND over MATTER feat every time you smoke a cigarette? It's all the reasons you found important to start smoking at a young age and to continue smoking as an adult! Most of the real reasons that EMPOWER the ability to smoke are not at the conscious level anymore. The unpleasant ones, such as all the agony you went through to learn to smoke, have been repressed. All the reasons you've started smoking have long since been forgotten. They are still there way in the back of your mind but you can't reach them easily

Why is it so hard to stop smoking? The problem is that you've lost control of Your WILL POWER because you've consciously forgotten why you learned to direct it to smoking cigarettes in the first place. The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ helps you rediscover all the reasons that allow you to perform this incredible MIND over MATTER feat every time you smoke a cigarette. The program lets you take back conscious control!

Are you ready to Find Out Why you smoke and take back Conscious Control?

The Unlearn Smoking Success System



Don't get me wrong, traditional smoking cessation programs have their heart in the right place; they are concerned about your health and well being but they have it backwards. They empower the cigarette and nicotine which really have no power!

Yes, I know, that is a shock to your system but it's true. Take out a cigarette, stand it on end by your foot and stand up straight. Now WHO is bigger? Do you really think that tiny piece of paper filled with a very small amount of tobacco is more powerful than you? No Way! But if you believe that it is, THEN it IS! Ever heard of the Placebo effect? Where a sugar pill can cure a sick person because they believe it will? Cigarettes have been given a power they don't have and didn't earn! IT'S YOUR MIND POWER!!!

Traditional stop smoking programs give power to the cigarette while telling you all the serious reasons you should stop smoking hoping this is adequate; appeal to your thinking mind with the facts. Does this work? Rarely. The most a traditional smoking cessation program hopes for is to turn you into an EX-SMOKER.

What is an EX-SMOKER? A smoker who is just not smoking right now but could pick it up and start smoking again without missing a beat. You see, this MIND over MATTER mechanism has years of POWER at the subconscious/emotional level. Sure, you intellectually know that smoking causes all sorts of health problems but that doesn't budge the emotional POWER that keeps you smoking.

This is where The Unlearn Smoking Success System™  is very, very different. It shows you that YOU have the POWER, not the cigarette and it gets to the emotional level that keeps you smoking, weakens and ultimately removes the POWER that allows you to suppress your body. By the end of 28 days, you simply will not have the WILL POWER to smoke! And you thought you needed WILL POWER to not smoke! No way! You had it backwards. Smoking is so hard with every cigarette, it takes incredible WILL POWER, MENTAL ENERGY to suppress your body's protective mechanisms. It takes WILL POWER to smoke! It is much easier to just NOT SMOKE because it takes NO WILL POWER at all! You go back to the way you were before you started WILLING yourself to smoke. With The Unlearn Smoking Success System™, you don't become an EX-SMOKER, you become a NON-SMOKER!

Other programs try to stop you from smoking with health facts, medicine, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, filters, etc. all external things. They miss the real cause of your smoking; YOUR MIND! They are not very effective because they don't deal with your WILL POWER to smoke. It's really NOT the cigarette that controls you, YOU control the cigarette and the entire smoking process with your MIND! The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ helps you find out WHY you smoke, the reasons that energize your WILL POWER to smoke, and removes the reasons. When the reasons are gone for smoking, so is smoking!!!!

Are you Ready to become a NON-SMOKER!


The Unlearn Smoking Success System


The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ is based on my over 33 years of helping people using Systematic Relaxation, Learning Theory, Behavioral Techniques, Systematic Desensitization, Social Psychology and other Psychological disciplines. Techniques that have been proven effective via research for over 80 years!

I took all these complex techniques and put them into an easy to use, do-it-yourself program!

The Unlearn Smoking Success System(tm)

There is a large, easy to read manual that explains everything in terms you can understand. You don't have to know anything about psychology. It's all in easy to understand, everyday language. But that's not all. There is a quick start guide that allows you to pretty much ignore the manual and still use the program. Of course, you should read the manual but the program is so easy to follow, except for reference on things that might not be clear to you, you don't HAVE to read it.

There are six powerful programming CDs along with free-association forms and daily journal forms for each day of the program. Everything you need to become a NON-SMOKER again is included! As a bonus, you also get two 45 minute telephone consultations with me on MY DIME as part of the program! Now how many authors of a book or program do you get to talk to in person - for FREE? It is my goal to make sure you become a NON-SMOKER!

For 28 days, you will need to spend a little less than an hour a day to do the work in the program. The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ is divided into four 7-Day parts.

Part One Explores and Removes all the reasons you started smoking.

Part Two Explores and Removes all the reasons you continue to smoke.

Part Three Explores all the reasons you should Unlearn Smoking™ (Yes, this is where most smoking cessation programs start and of course, it's ignored!)

Part Four uses a special technique called Partial Age Regression where you allow your mind to recall long past events in great detail. Not only will you find this fascinating, you regular memory will probably improve as well!

How Would You Like to Save $1,980.00* or More per Year for the Rest of Your Life?

*Based on average cost of 1 pack of cigarettes per day in Florida. Some States  much higher! 

That's what the average smoker spends on cigarettes. Federal, State and local governments are targeting cigarette smokers with fees because they feel they have a captive audience. Most smokers feel that way too. They feel that the cigarette controls them. I can help you take back this control and free yourself from cigarettes permanently! Not only will you save a fortune, you'll live longer too! 

Are You Ready to Save Money for the Rest of Your Life?

The Unlearn Smoking Success System


Smoker for 35 Years or More? It Doesn't Matter!!!!!
Click Here to Find Out More About this Fantastic Program!

 Will The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ Work for Everyone that Smokes?

The answer is YES! based on almost 100 years of Psychological Research in the fields of Behavioral Psychology, Learning Theory, Social Psychology and Physiological Psychology and my over 30 years experience helping people. All this complicated process is put in an inexpensive, simple, easy to use package! The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ worked for Bonnie, a 35 year smoker with several failed attempts, it will work for you too!!!

However, a more to the point question:
The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ for everyone?"

The answer to that question is NO!

This program is only for people who genuinely desire to Unlearn Smoking™ and are willing to spend the few minutes per day to do so. If you are unwilling to find less than an hour per day to take back control of your life, The Unlearn Smoking Success System™( is not for you.

But, if you are ready to invest a very small amount of time and effort, The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ WILL give you Freedom from Smoking in only 28 Days!


If you live in Florida and smoke only a pack per day, it's worth $1,980.00 per year.

If you came to see me for 28 sessions, it would cost $4,200.00. Plenty of people have had that many sessions to solve various problems including smoking because this program system solves them permanently.

But what should be the cost of this fantastically powerful program? Having not priced a comprehensive, innovative and powerful program like this before, I sought expert assistance with a professional marketer. I was told that $899.00 was reasonable but not to sell it for lower than $699.00. Is the program worth $899.00? YES!. You are getting over $4,000.00 of professional help and, if you live in Florida, at only $899.00, the program will pay for itself in six months and it's pure savings after that for the rest of your life because you NEVER have to buy cigarettes again!

So, I considered my consultant's input but I wanted to reach more people with the program. After all, I developed it to help many more people than I could possibly work with one on one. So I asked my marketing consultant if a package price of $499.00 was all right. He said I was crazy to sell this powerful program so low! OK, that's good; I like to be different. I'm eccentric perhaps but not crazy; after all, I've worked in the field of Psychology for over 30 years!

Now I know that a smoker pays big money to smoke. An average smoker goes through a pack a day, every day. In Florida that's about $5.00 per day or $150.00 per month. In other states, it's as high as $9.00 per day or $270.00 per month. What about a pack and a half per day person? Well, in the expensive states, we talking over $500.00 per MONTH! So, the program, at $499.00 is an incredible bargain and pays for itself very fast. You start saving big money every month because you aren't having to spend it on cigarettes anymore. $899.00 is a bargain, $699.00 is a super bargain and $499.00 is an unbelievable bargain!

But I have an even better, limited time offer as a special right now. I am offering The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ for only $97.00 + shipping! Hummm, maybe my marketing guy is right and I am loopy. But that's the price right now for the next 30 days. After that it goes back up.

But that's not all. Remember, you are getting a bonus of two 45-minute telephone consultations on MY DIME! That's a $225.00 value for FREE! With these consultations, you get personalized help. You can ask questions about the program and also receive customized help to overcome any sticking points.

For a limited time only I am also offering what I call the MARITAL BLISS BONUS. I am including free, another complete set of forms so your partner can become a non-smoker too! You see, when you complete The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ you become a non-smoker and you will start to react to smoking like other non-smokers. So, to keep the peace,  I want both of you to Unlearn Smoking™! On me!

By purchasing The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ TODAY,  you are getting an $899.00 program for $97.00 + shipping. You have over $200.00 worth of personal telephone consultations and I am encouraging your partner to Unlearn Smoking™ too by giving you another set of forms worth $97.00. And by the 28th day, you will be rid of cigarettes and saving money every day; saving double if you and your partner both Unlearn Smoking™!

So What Are You Waiting For?


The Unlearn Smoking Success System


Guaranteed to Work!

I know The Unlearn Smoking Success System™ works for everyone who follows the program exactly. It is just a basic psychological fact. Smokers are very STRONG WILLED people. If you genuinely want to stop smoking, this program gives you the tools that will allow you to do so!

With the Bonus of  two 45 minute consultations with me, we can iron out any questions you may have and receive custom solutions if you need them. It is a WIN situation.

Of course, I know how it is. If you've tried to stop smoking before and failed, it cost you money. Medicine, patches, gum, etc. Money down the drain. Well, that's not going to happen with The Unlearn Smoking Success System™. I am so confident the program will work, I offer you a money back guarantee! But there is one condition: You'll have to do the complete 28 Day program. That's easy enough isn't it? You purchased the program to use it. You get two copies for the price of one so your partner can do the program with you.

If, after you complete the program and aren't satisfied, simply send back all the program materials including the 28 days of completed forms. Fill out the feedback sheet included with the program and when I receive it all back, I'll refund your money.

I don't expect to have to do so though because I know how STRONG WILLED smokers are, when you set your mind to do something, you DO IT! I know that if you set your mind to complete the program, you WILL become a NON-SMOKER! It's just a Psychological FACT!

But I want you to be comfortable to know that if you don't like the program, you can get a refund.

So, you have nothing to lose. Isn't it time to stop letting that tiny piece of paper filled with a small bit of tobacco scraps push you around because you believe it can? Isn't it time to take back Control? Order TODAY! You'll be glad you did.

 The Unlearn Smoking Success System



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