Smoker for 35 Years or More? It Doesn't Matter!!!!!

If you're like most smokers wanting to stop, you've been smoking for years. What you don't realize is that learning to Smoke was the hardest thing you ever did in your life. Removing the need to Smoke with The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô is easy! No matter how long you've smoked!

Bonnie's Story

Bonnie Ryan is a retired school teacher and although she smoked for 35 years she has been
free from smoking for over 16 years after using the techniques of The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô !

Bonnie started smoking when she was 15 years old. Her mother was a heavy smoker. When her mother was in her early 60's, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Bonnie saw her mother waste away from the cancer and ultimately die. However, this did not even slow down Bonnie's smoking. She continued to smoke for almost 10 years after her mother's death from lung cancer. Obviously, her need to smoke was very strong!

About 10 years after Bonnie's mother died, she began to notice her health and lungs were failing. Reluctantly, she decided she needed to give up smoking. Notice the word reluctantly! Yes, even though Bonnie intellectually knew that her mother died of lung cancer due to smoking, that FACT was not enough to stop her from smoking!

The first thing Bonnie did was consult her medical doctor about how to quit smoking. He prescribed the nicotine patch as THE solution to stop smoking. However, about an hour after putting on the first patch, Bonnie's heart was racing and blood vessels started appearing through the skin around the patch. Frightened, she quickly ripped off the patch! It was the first and last patch she ever used.

The next thing Bonnie tried was to start reducing the number of cigarettes she smoked every day. This seemed to work when she was alone. However, whenever she got around other smokers, and of course many of her friends were smokers, she smoked more and ended up smoking just as many cigarettes as she normally would. So, cutting back didn't work either.

Bonnie was very frustrated. She felt confused and defeated in her attempt to quit smoking. At the same time, she found herself grieving (Bonnie's exact word) at the idea of losing what she felt she gained from smoking and was convinced that she gained a lot. Yes, Bonnie was mourning the fact that, to save her life, she had to stop smoking. Yet, she knew her health was slipping and desperately needed to stop smoking cigarettes but after all the attempts, felt there was nothing she could do about it. At this low point in her life, a friend referred her to Robert M. Stone, M.S., Counselor and she was introduced to the techniques of The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô.

The Program that Ended 35 Years of Smoking in just a Few Weeks.

Let Bonnie tell you about the program that changed, and saved, her life.

Part 1 of The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô
Ready to Find Out WHY You Really Started Smoking?

Part 1 of the program explores all the reasons you started smoking way back when. Bonnie writes:

    "The first step was a series of sessions for me to determine why I started smoking cigarettes. I kept a journal of my thoughts about smoking so I could see the origins of my habit, adolescent reasons that come to consciousness, as I progressed through the first stage of the program. At fifteen, I desperately wanted to prove to adults that I was mature and ready to make my own decisions. I also wanted to look cool and sophisticated to my peers. I thought smoking showed how rebellious and independent I was. My mother's smoking and the ads in all of the television stations, newspapers and magazines showed how supposedly successful adults were smokers. Those seemed like good reasons to smoke at fifteen but they seemed shallow and obsolete at fifty! I had not thought of these first reasons to smoke in decades and understanding them helped me cut those first strings that tied me to cigarettes."

Part 2 of The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô

Want to Know WHY You Continue to Smoke?

Part 2 of the program explores all the reasons you continue to smoke. Bonnie writes:

    "The second step was to continue to journal my thoughts about smoking and monitor how many cigarettes I smoked every day. At this stage, I was studying why I thought I needed cigarettes in the present."
    "I thought I had to smoke if some one else did. Maybe second hand smoke was a trigger for me or maybe this was my attempt to put the responsibility for quitting on other people. Also, I thought I had to smoke a cigarette to take a break so I had to examine that attitude."
    "While smoking, I was not relaxing because the nicotine actually tensed my nervous system. So, when I smoked, I never really relaxed! It was a revelation to me that smokers are always tired and maybe that was why they needed a cigarette. The hyperactivity affected my ability to focus. I was substituting smoking for food which was not a healthy choice. I was looking at my smoking objectively and that showed me that smoking did not really offer any comfort, relaxation or sophistication. It created a series of problems instead."

In analyzing the reasons Bonnie continued to smoke, she discovered that it was events and not cigarettes that gave her special times and feelings. When she looked at the reasons with adult objectivity, she discovered that smoking really didn't offer her any comfort, relaxation or sophistication. Her thoughts about why she smoked were not valid. These discoveries further weakened her need to smoke.

Part 3 of The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô

Ready to Find Out WHY You Need to Remove Cigarettes from Your Life?

In reference to Part 3 of the program, Bonnie writes, "The third series of sessions focused on why I needed to quit smoking. I was able to see the negative effects of my smoking on my health and the health of my family. My mother's death of lung cancer from smoking did not frighten me into immediately quitting, but going through the program helped me work through my conflicts about smoking, and I smoked less and less without even trying."

In the third section of the program, the reasons to quite smoking were explored. After removing or weakening the reasons she started smoking and the reasons she continued to smoke, Bonnie was ready to LISTEN!

Finally, the full impact of her mother's death reached Bonnie at the emotional level. It became clear that smoking was harmful to her health and she paid attention to it. She also discovered that her smoking was a burden on others. She also discovered she was smoking less without even trying.


Part 4 of The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô

Are YOU Ready to Become A Non-Smoker?

In the last part of the program, Bonnie reviewed her reactions to her first smoking experiences. During the first three parts of the program, Bonnie had found herself smoking less and less without even trying. When Bonnie started the program, she smoked 30 cigarettes, a pack and a half, per day. Each week she smoked less. By part 4 of the program, Bonnie was at ZERO cigarettes per day!

In her own words Bonnie says:

    "I did not give up anything when I stopped smoking. I became clean and free! The program gave me the insights and structure I needed to accomplish my goal of finally being a non-smoker and a healthier person."

    I was amazed at how easy it was to get rid of cigarettes after examining my habit and understanding my emotions. The "need" for cigarettes evaporated. When I tried to stop smoking, it did not work. But after being prepared by the program, I did not have to try to stop. I felt like the program put me on a course that carried me, gratefully, to becoming a non-smoker. Now that I do not smoke anymore, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. I avoid it at every opportunity and I avoid people who smoke. Everything about smoking is offensive to me."

    "Now, I am older than my mother was when she died of lung cancer but I am still living and enjoying my life because I took the necessary steps to stop smoking. I could not have done it alone but the program gave me the necessary information and help. It is a wonderful program!"

The Unlearn Smoking Success Systemô worked for Bonnie, a 35 year smoker with several failed attempts, it will work for you too!!!

Are YOU Ready to Become A Non-Smoker for only $97.00 + shipping?

The Unlearn Smoking Success System

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